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The Lost Island Murder Mystery

Someone was murdered on a remote island. The body was found on the delta in the southwestern part of the island (see map below). There were only 11 visitors on the island that day, so there are ten suspects. They all said they did not go to that part of the island. For example, one said: "I spent the entire day at the hot spring near the volcano". Luckily, it happened on the first day and they all had some sand on them (e.g. shoes, bags, pockets, beach towel). Sand samples were thus collected from all suspects. You have been hired as a "forensic" sedimentologist (!) to independently match each area of the island (depositional env.) with a sample. This will help investigators verify the alibi of each suspect. Did they really spend the day where they say they were?
Your job is to match each area of the island with a sample (scroll down to see the photos). You can zoom and pan by clicking on the images. Another option is to open a larger image in a new tab on your browser (right-click, open in new tab). When ready, start the quiz (new tab), answer the questions, and check your results!

Credit: The sand photos come from a gigapan collection

Earth 333

Width of image is 1.8 cm


Width of image is  2.0 cm

Width of image is  2.7 cm

Giovanni's sample of Ooids!!

Giovanni collected this thinking: "maybe I can use that for something?"


Width of image is 1.4 cm

Width of image is 1.6 cm


Width of image is  2.2 cm

Anand's sample

Anand likes to hike on sandy trails

Jack's sample

Jack was surprised by the amount of sand in his pockets!

Width of image is 0.9 cm

Elina's sample

Elina had a wonderful day and wanted to add this one to her sand collection.

Jinxin's sample

Jinxin now knows why her feet were hurting today...

Ronaldo's sample

Ronaldo can't score goals this week, but he can feel the sand on his feet

Michel's sample

Michel is the group's bush pilot

Bob's sample

For Bob, happiness is listening to reggae music in a hammock

Melissa's sample

Melissa is passionate about nature photography

Width of image is 2.8 cm

Jennifer's sample

Width of image is 2.8 cm

That was Jennifer's first big vacation trip

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